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Unique Genera: 210
Unique Species: 305
Unique Strains: 396
Number Approved: 678

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The "Encyclopedia of Life" ( was used to obtain the majority of taxonomical information found in this table. EOL classifications are drawn from various databases, including NCBI, the World Register of Marine Species, and the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), of which NCBI was most heavily used. In some instances, classifications were conflicting among the various databases and in such cases NCBI classifications were used. Fields marked as "unknown" indicate that information from NCBI was not available and that information from other databases was either unavailable or unable to be resolved.

The taxonomy information has been edited by: Julia Metzner, Eunsoo Kim, Frederic Mahe, Adriane Jones and John Archibald

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Investigator High Level Classification Phylum Class sort Order Family Genus Species Strain Sample Id Metadata Submitted Sent bar-coded tubes RNA Received cDNA RNA Passed QC DSN RNA-Seq Library Constructed Illumina Sequencing Assembly & Annotation Submitted to CAMERA